Student record scores

Student record scores

In accordance with Annexe 1, points 4 and 5 of Royal Decree 1267/1994 of 10 June, modifying Royal Decree 1497/1987 of 27 November, establishing the general common directives for the syllabuses of official university qualifications, and in accordance with various royal decrees establishing specific general directives, the following criteria shall be used to score student records:

  • matrícula d'honor (distinction with honour): 4 points
  • excel·lent (distinction): 3 points
  • notable (merit): 2 points
  • aprovat (pass): 1 point
  • suspès (fail): 0 points
  • validated module: 1 point
  • not present/non-assessable: no value given
  • student withdrawals: no value given
  1. If you have taken a course structured in modules, the sum of your grades is divided by the number of modules you have taken. Grades for single-semester modules count as half when calculating the totals.
  2. If you have taken a course structured according to the directives in Royal Decree 1497/1987: your overall mark is based on the modules you have taken. Each module is multiplied by its value in credits, and the total for all modules is divided by your total number of credits.
  3. All student records, both for students on old syllabuses and those on new syllabuses, will state the total number of modules taken and the number of attempts needed to pass the modules taken in academic years during which the points system was in place. (In accordance with the regulations, student records will never state modules for which a student withdrew.)
  4. Number of attempts made at passing modules:

For students on old syllabuses, all grades will count, except for student withdrawal.

For students on new syllabuses, all grades will count, except for not present o non-assessable.

Royal Decree 1044/2003 of 1 August, in its only additional disposition, modifies the aforementioned royal decrees and establishes that:

"Validated modules will score the equivalent number of points as the mark obtained in the original centre; for adapted modules, the mark obtained in the original centre will be taken, and recognition of credits with no mark will not be taken into account for the purposes of weighting."

Similarly, Article 5, Sections 3 and 4 of the Royal Decree 1125/2003 of 5 September, which sets down the European system of credits and qualifications for official university degrees and their validity in Spain, state the following:

"The average of the student's academic record will be the result of applying the following formula: the sum of all credits passed, each multiplied by the value of the corresponding grade received, and divided by the total number of credits.

The results obtained by the student in each of the subjects included in the study plan will qualify according to the following 0 to 10 scale, expressed in decimals, to which their corresponding qualitative score can be added:

  • 0-4.9: Suspenso (SS) (fail)
  • 5.0-6.9: Aprobado (AP) (pass)
  • 7.0-8.9: Notable (NT) (merit)
  • 9.0-10: Sobresaliente (SB). (distinction)

The credits obtained by the recognition of credits corresponding to the non-integrated training activities in the study plan will not be qualified numerically, nor will they compute towards the average of the student's academic record."

The regulation on the assessment of degrees offered at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (passed by the Governing Council on 30/09/2010 and modified by the agreement passed on 17/11/2010), establishes in Annexe I that:

Scores will be expressed on a 0-10 scale and can be assigned qualitative scores according to other qualification scales passed by other official organisms, such as the following:

Qualification scales
0 - 10 Scale RD 1125 / 2003 Transformation of qualitative scores ECTS scale
  No presentat (not present) / No avaluable (non-assessable)   F
0 - 4,9 Suspès (fail) 2,5 F
5,0 - 6,9 Aprovat (pass) 6,0 C
7,0 - 8,9 Notable (merit) 8,0 B
9,0 - 10 Excel·lent (distinction) 9,5 A
9,0 - 10 Matrícula d'Honor (distinction with honour) 10,0 A+


  • RD 1497/1987 of 27 November, passed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (BOE 14/12/1987).
  • RD 1267/1994 of 10 June, passed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (BOE 11/06/1994).
  • RD 1044/2003 of 1 August, of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (BOE 11/09/2003).
  • RD 1125/2003 of 5 September, passed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (BOE 18/09/2003).

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