Short learning programmes

Short-term educational programmes

You can obtain credit recognition for having passed non-taught activities on short-term educational programmes simultaneous to your degree programme. These activities may be micromodules, challenges or others. The list of short-term activities is approved annually and published before the start of the academic year. course.

These credits are included in your academic record as elective credits and are qualified with a pass once the corresponding fee has been paid.

What kind of short-term programmes are there?

  • Micromodules: short-term activities of between 1 and 14 credits aimed at students from both within and outside the UAB community.
  • Challenges: these options include work by UAB students, students from the ECIU University and external organisations. The duration is equivalent to the work for between 1 and 14 credits.
  • Other short-term programmes.

Who offers these kinds of short-tern educational programmes?

  • The UAB or any of the other universities that form part of the ECIU.

Which of the activities organised by the UAB are eligible for recognition this year?

Which activities are organised by the ECIU?

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