Diploma application

Autosol·licitud de títols

You can apply for your diploma on the Gestió Acadèmica or online at http://sia.uab.cat.

You will find in this document the information you need to make the diploma application by yourself.


You must request your certificate from the Academic Administration Office (Gestió Acadèmica) in the centre where you have completed your studies. If you are told that you do not meet all the requirements to obtain your qualification, you are given a period of 10 days during which you may present any relevant documents or plead your case.

  • Application form & two photocopies
  • Spanish national identity card, NIE (Foreign Resident Identification Number) or passport, & photocopy
  • Large-family card & photocopy, if applicable.

Spanish certificates need to be legalised in order to be valid for legal purposes outside Spain. In case the diploma is picked up by power of attorney and is not signed by the person concerned, you must keep in mind that it cannot be legalized. This process consists of several steps described in the following documentation:

  • You will find the required information in order to legalise your official studies certificate in this link.
  • You will find the required information in order to legalise your specific UAB studies certificate in this link.
Legalisation of the Degree-Substitute Certificate

Once you are in possession of your Degree-Substitute Certificate, if you need a legalisation (legal validation) this must be sent by email to the following address: legalizaciones.cat@correo.gob.es, before the date scheduled for the appointment, in order that the document can be verified.

Fees for university academic and administrative services for the academic year (2022-2023)