Results publication

Once the evaluation activities period ends, the lecturer in charge of the course will issue the final grades (including any modifications which may occur during the revision period) through the channels established by the university, and will proceed to process all final results. No modifications will be allowed once all final results are processed.

In extraordinary and duly justified cases, the dean's team (deganat) of the faculty, or director's team (direcció) of the centre, may authorise modifications to the final results. The request to do so must be filed by the lecturing staff responsible for that subject or module.


Students have the right to the revision of the final grades of their evaluation activities. The ordinary revision period must begin minimum 24 hours after the grades are made public, or on the same day if previously announced.

Extraordinary revision period

In case a student does not agree with the final grade received, s/he has fifteen (15) days after the final results are published to submit a revision petition. The petition must be addressed to the deganat or direcció and submitted to the centre's Academic Administration Office (gestió acadèmica).

The direcció or deganat must arbitrate the procedure to resolve claims impartially through a review commission. The teaching staff responsible for the grade claimed cannot be part of it.

This procedure always involves the audience of the teaching staff responsible for the grade and the students involved.

Petitions must be resolved with a period of one month.

The result of the extraordinary revision procedure cannot lead to a grade reduction for the student as a result of a new assessment. The grade could only be reduced if a material error is detected.


Custody of documents

Once the grading period for the course finalises, all corresponding documents and evaluation activities must remain six months in custody of the lecturer, except those which are graded and returned to students or were returned upon request of the student. After these six months, the evaluation activities' documents may be destroyed using the University's established system with the aim of guaranteeing confidentiality and making it impossible to recover any information from the document.

All evaluation processes must be archived and remain under custody of the University, given that they are catalogued as essential University documents.

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