Teaching quality

FAQs for teachers about the Teacher-assessment questionnaires

It is used to determine student' degree of satisfaction with aspects of the teaching activity carried out in class, and at the same time, contribute to improving the programme itself.

The survey is scheduled to take place at the end of the teaching period in each semester: in December for teaching in the first semester (semester-long subjects/groups), and in May for teaching in the second semester (semester-long-subjects/groups) and for year-long subjects/groups.

Two criteria must be met:

Criterion 1: In order for a lecturer to be selected, he/she must have taught a minimum of 10 hours.

Criterion 2: The subject group for Theory must have received a minimum of 15 hours of teaching.

  1. A lecturer who meets criterion 1 and is the only one who teaches that subject group for Theory("Te") will be selected provided he/she has taught that group of students ofr a minimum of 15 hours.
  2. If a group is taught by two lecturers and both of these meet criterion 1, both of them will be selected, since the group will have received a total of 20 hours' teaching, thus meeting criterion 2.
  3. If a group is taught by two lecturers, and one of these has taught ten hours and the other only fivehours, the first one will be selected, having met criterion 1 and criterion 2 (the group will have received a total of 15 hours' teaching), but he second one will not be selected for the survey.

The survey is offered in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Students receive an email that tells them the time limit for responding and they get several reminders during the response period. the time limit for responding will also be published on the UAB website and the faculty websites.

Each survey is identified with the course name and code number, the group's code number and the full name of the lecturer who taught the subject. Before starting studentsare asked to confirm that they have been taught by that lecturer. If they say yes they are given access to the survey identified in the header.

Students know which lecturer they are evaluating because each survey is identified previouly with the course name and code number, the group's code number and the full name of the lecturer who taught the subject. If all the lecturers who taught the subject/group meet the conditions for evaluation, students can complete a survey for each lecturer who has taught them.

The results are sent to the different university stakeholders:
The university's Executive Governing Body: Global report
Teaching centres (Deans/Directors): Global report
Departments: Global report and department report
Degree subject: Global report and degree subject report
Academic management Service of each centre: Report on the process
Lecturers evaluated: Indiviual report (intranet and Sigm@-CDS / Manual d'accés)
Faculty of Medicine Teaching Units: Teaching Unit report
Students: Results of class groups at faculties and other centres, available for consultation in paper format in the libraries

The groups/subjects selected can be consulted directly on the UAB intranet: Sigma@-CDS > Campus Docent (professors) > Monitorització d’enquestes, or by contacting the Academic Management Service of your centre.

Details of participation can be consulted on the UAB intranet: Sigma@-CDS > Ges.Acadèmica i Plans Docents > CDS: Professorat > Campus Docent (professors) > Monitorització d'enquestes