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Activities abour Citizen Science at UAB

Imatge amb el títol de Comunitat de Ciència Ciutadana

Upcoming activities
Training "Citizen Science at the Libraries"

DATE: 24th November 2022

TIME: Morning edition: from 11h00 to 13h00; Afternoon edition: from 15h00 to 17h00

Training addressed to staff of the UAB Libraries who work giving support to research. 

Past activities
Session "Transfiormative innovation labs and shared agendas"

DATE: 24th May 2022

During this session, 25 actors from the public administration and the academia jointly co-created and reflected upon the articulation of a Network of Open Labs in the B30 axis. 

Webinars on Citizen Science at ECIU University

DATE: From 27th September 2021 to 24th January 2022

The SMART-ER project organised a series of webinars, inviting researchers from the ECIU Community to present their current projects, focusing on those contributions in which Citizen Science has a relevant component. The Series of Webinars attracted researchers from all the stages of their careers, with experience in Citizen Science, but also those who are not having the experience yet, but needing a Citizen Science Component in their current research.

Webinar #1: Examples of Citizen Science Approaches at ECIU University

Webinar #2: Cultural Heritage, Humanities and Citizen Science

Webinar #3: Environmental Citizenship, Social Inclusion and Participatory Culture

Webinar #4: Citizen Science for Sustainability, Energy Transitions and Learning-by-doing

Webinar #5: Water, Environment and Community Engagement Through Citizen Science

Webinar #6: Citizen Science and Empowerment, Inclusiveness and Equality

Webinar #7: Simulation Games and Students' Social Engagement with Citizen Science

Webinar #8: Citizen Science Hubs and Citizen Labs


Workshop 'Citizen Science at UAB'

DATE: Tuesday 22 June 2021

Workshop Program

You can consult a piece of news on the success of participation in the workshop on citizen science at UAB (in Spanish), organised by the Citizen Science community of practice at UAB, which counted with the presentation of 24 projects and with the debate on the needs to develop this type of research with quality. You have also the recording of the workshop available (In Catalan and Spanish).