Whats is the Research Valorisation?

Valoritzaciˇ de la Recerca

Set of activities developed with the aim of raising the value of research results and in general, in improving levels of knowledge. More specifically, valorisation consists of the means used to adapt knowledge, results and skills acquired in the research units to the needs of the socio-economic surroundings.

UAB Valorisation and Patents Office

The Valorisation and Patents Office at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is responsible for managing the patents portfolio and promoting their transfer to the production sector. It has the following specific functions:

-Offer advice on the protection of research results, especially via patents and transfer

-Evaluate and valorise research results

-Manage the patents portfolio

-Transfer protected research results to the industrial or production sector

The Valorisation and Patents Office is currently situated in the Eureka Building of the UAB Campus.

Head of Office: Xavier Vallvé
telf: +34 93 586 8924


Maite Ibern
telf: +34 93586 8922

Lucas Martín
telf: +34 93586 8923

Carlos Raga
telf: +34 93 581 8921