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Participation in the debate sessions of the University Sport Strategic Plan of Catalonia 2020-2030

23 Oct 2020
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The UAB Sports Research Institute has participated in the round tables organized as part of the process of drawing up the University Sport Strategic Plan of Catalonia 2020-2030 from the General Secretariat for Sport and the Physical Activity of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Esport Universitari

The program consisted of three online sessions during October 2020:

Session 1. Physical sports activities offer in university sports
Session 2. Organization and resources of university sports
Session 3. Dissemination, communication and innovation of university sports

Some of the aspects discussed in the sessions are closely linked to the Institute's lines of research and activity, such as the acquisition and maintenance of healthy habits by the university community through the promotion of sustainable sporting practice; the conciliation of the academic life of the students and the working life of the personnel with the regular sport practice; or the interuniversity survey and data collection on physical sports practice to analyse the physical activity and health habits of the university community. Of particular interest to the Institute was the debate on research and innovation around sport and physical activity at the university level, and how it is visualized in the new law on sport.

The participation of the Institute in the process of elaboration of the University Sport Strategic Plan of Catalonia 2020-2030 is framed within the line of action that promotes the Institute’s collaboration with the sport agents of the territory facilitating the transfer of knowledge generated by the University to decision-making and the definition of public policies.

Consult the previous strategic plan: PEUC 2013-20