Degree in Medicine

The availability of our exchange programs will be subject to the evolution of the health situation, taking into account its special impact in medical education

As part of the exchange programme, we are very pleased to receive international students at the Faculty of Medicine of UAB. 

In order to do part of the studies in our Faculty, including rotations at the hospitals with which we have agreement, incoming students have to be nominated by universities that have established an exchange program agreement with us, specifically for Medicine degree.

We can only accept incoming students through the Studies Program (we cannot accept Traineeships or free movers).

Steps to follow for Incoming students are:

1. Nomination from your Home university
2. Check the subjects offered for Incoming students
3. Check the study guides
4. Check the teaching semester
5. Check the clinical internship schedule
6. Complete the online "Application"
7. Fill in the "Application for subjects"

Exchange stays for our Medicine degree can be for 1st semester, 2nd semester or full year (depending on the agreement).

During the stay at UAB, incoming students are going to be in the Hospital Teaching Units (not at the Bellaterra Campus).

Incoming students can take theoretical courses (in 3rd, 4th, 5th year) and/or clinical rotations/internship. The rotations are exclusive for last year students.

IMPORTANT: The subjects Medicine and Surgery I, II, III and IV , and Clinical Assistance Practice IV and V are the only subjects incoming students are allowed to split. Students when completing the " Application for subjects" have to choose which parts they want to follow. Other subjects have to be completed entirely if the student wants to pass the evaluation.
IMPORTANT: 6th year's Clinical internships (subjects Pràctica Clínica Assistencial IV and Pràctica Clínica Assistencial V), are exclusive for last year students of the Medicine degree:


These clinical internships have a special schedule (see "Application and Terms" section below) and the duration may vary depending on each one.

It is not allowed to take the clinical internships during the summer, out of the calendar period. The assigned Hospital Teaching Unit will contact the student to specify the clinical internship specific schedule.

For our Medicine degree there is only one period to apply, no matter the kind of stay you are going to do.

You can check all deadlines below:

                   Academic year 2022/23
Home University Nomination

Deadline : 1st May

 On-line form:

Student Online Application Deadline


International students:  from 7th March to 15th May
Sicue students (Spain): 15th June
Signing up and application form

Application for subjects


International students: from 1st May to 1st June

Application for subjects (and attach Certificate of Language in Catalan or Spanish and Academic Transcript of Records)


Sicue students (Spain): from 1st May to 15th June

Application for subjects(and attach  Academic Transcript of Records)

(!) Before filling in the form, students must check our course offer, study guides, teaching semester and/or clinical rotations specific calendar. 

Students can take theoretical courses (3rd, 4th, 5th year) and/or clinical rotations /internships. The rotations (Pràctica Clínica Assistencial IV and Pràctica Clínica Assistencial V), are exclusive for last year students

The spots for optative courses are conditioned to the availability at the moment of registration.

Resolution to the application 30th June
Learning agreement Send by e-mail to: .If it is signed before the resolution (30/06) it will be done as provisional

Academic Calendar*

1st semester: 9th September 2021* – February 4th 2022

* Start of the academic course, 9th September. Once accepted in the program, each student will receive instructions from the assigned Hospital Unit  regarding the start date
2nd semester: 7th February 2022– July 1st 2022

(!) The rotations calendar works independently from the academic calendar, please check it below.


1st semester: From the 1st to 18th of September, 2021
2nd semester: From the 1st to the 12th of February, 2022
* provisional calendar, pending of approval

Learning agreement modifications 1st semester and annual: before 23rd of September, 2021
2nd semester: before 21th of February, 2022
* provisional calendar, pending of approval



Planned subjects
Clinical internship schedule 22/23 
Schedule 22/23
Exam schedule 22/23
Study guides
Application on-line
Application for subjects

* The schedules will be published before the enrollment period

The final registration of elective subjects will be conditioned to the existence of available places at UAB when the student does his/her registration at the Exchange Office.

Without these documents and the on-line application it is not possible to accept your study program at UAB neither your assignment to our Hospital Teaching Unit. Invitation to UAB will be done once accepted your study program.

To follow studies in Medicine at UAB it is required :

  • B2 in Catalan or Spanish, if the student wants to take internships from Clinical Practice.
  • B1 in Catalan or Spanish, for the rest of the subjects.

Accepted certifications: Official certificates, certificates issued by the Language Services of the home university or certificates issued by the home university.

If the student does not attach it during the application period, he/she will be provisionally accepted until the presentation of the document, by July at the latest.

Our study programme is based on a big practical charge, where our students are in contact with patients who usually speak in Spanish or Catalan. In consequence, no classes are given in English, so a good level of Spanish or Catalan is necessary to receive a good medical education.

The courses are taught in Spanish or Catalan, upon the professors, and it is informed in the study guides. 

UAB can also offer to our incoming students the possibility of complementing their Spanish knowledge by entering some Spanish or Catalan course at our Language School:

During the stay at UAB the exchange students are going to be in the Hospital Teaching Units (not at the Bellaterra Campus).

The Hospital Teaching Units of UAB  for the degree in Medicine are:

Students can express their preferences (in the Application for subjects), but the assignment  to a Hospital Teaching Unit is done by the Exchange Coordinator.

The final assignment will be notified to the student at the same time as his / her program of studies is accepted. This communication is by email.

Subsequently the Hospital Teaching Unit will contact the student, in the case of the Clinical internship, to inform him/her of the schedule.

Steps to follow: 

1st: The Exchange Office at the Faculty of Medicine (Bellaterra Campus) will complete your enrollment before the start of your stay will provide you with a copy.
Compulsory documents for enrollment:

  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • IBAN/SEPA Bank account in order to make the payment of the medical and civil liability insurance with coverage in Spain that all incoming students must take (4.48€).
  • Contact details in Barcelona
  • Covid19 complete vaccination certificate (it is not possible to start your stay without the certificate)
  • Enrollments will be made upon reception of the complete documents from the studen

The International Support Service (ISS) will contact you in order to attend a virtual general meeting d

3rd. Go to the assigned hospital (Barcelona, ​​Badalona or Sabadell).

No exchange courses are taugh at Bellaterra Campus, so you must go to the assigned hospital. The contact details of each hospital are:

Contacto: Jose Ma. Añor
TF: 935818981
e-mail: //
Contacto: Carmen Curto
TF: 934894095
e-mail: //
Contacto: Josep Pla
TF: 934978600
e-mail: //
Contacto: Silvia Puyoles
TF: 937458478
e-mail: //



Handbook for incoming students
International suport service: International students
Mobility and transport
Living in Barcelona