Health Plan

The Health Plan

The Health Plan is inspired in the document entitled “UAB Principles and Values” (a document approved by the Governing Council on 15 December 2011), the recommendations of the World Health IOrgansiation  and the action proposals of the Catalan Sustainable Universities Network, of which the UAB has formed part sionce March 2011. The UAB has also been a member of the Spanish Sustainable Universities Network since 2008.
The mission of the plan is to improve the health of the university community by promoting healthy environments, habits and lifestyles.  
The UAB Healthy Campus Plan 2013-2017 is made up of 3 strategic lines of action  and three levels of specific actions: 11 programmes, 42 actions and the action resulting from them.
The Plan also contemplates the possibility of developing more specific sector plans such as the integrated psychosocial risk plan, and currently being developed are the labour health, equality and physical activity prescription plans. 
Strategic line 1. Promotion of healthy habits.
Strategic line 2. Healthy and safe environment.
Strategic line 3. Promotion, communication and awareness-raising.
Document approved by the Governing Council