Responsible consumption and solidarity

Solidarity and responsible consumption

Objectius Desenvolupament Sostenible

"Fair Trade is a model of commercial exchange that reduces the number of intermediaries to the minimum and seeks a more direct link between producers and traders. It also means that small farmers and producers can find a way of living from their work with dignity."
  "Social responsibility in Catalonia” from the Generalitat de Catalunya website

Shop responsibly
Our daily consumption has global repercussions since it could be linked to unfair international trading that accelerates North South inequalities, may generate even more hunger or poverty or destroy the environment. We are all key players in this system and without us it can operate. This also makes us responsible for our role as individual consumers and especially for our collective power in changing current socio-economic structures. 
The University is committed to responsible consumption and this involves rethinking the entire way in which we consumer and considering our real needs and wants. Responsible consumption means reconsidering all aspects of our consumption: what we consume, how we consume it and what the best option is.