Physical activity


Doing physical activity and having an active lifestyle reduces stress, anxiety  and depression and improves mental health. Including physical activity in the daily routine is a powerful tool for promoting good health and preventing and controlling illness. 
Numerous studies have shown that doing a minimum of thirty minutes of moderate exercise five days a week reduces the risk of suffering conditions resulting from a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity such as heart disease, circulatory problems and type 2 diabetes. It also avoids a build-up of cholesterol and helps with weight control and obesity. 
Physical activity and an active lifestyle:
• Help us to feel better with more energy and helps us to relax, sleep better and tone and stretch our muscles.
• Help to prevent excess weight, regulate hunger and increase the number of calories used everyday. 
• Help us to look after ourselves and meet people with benefits for mind and body. 
At the UAB you can do exercise at the Physical Activity Service, at the University Village or through the activities organised by the Area for Participation. There are lots of other ways to lead a healthy lifestyle on the campus:
• Try to walk or cycle as much as possible: walk to meetings or to class, get of one stop early and walk the rest of the way, go for family walks taking advantage of the natural walks and pathways. 
• Walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift or the escalator.
• Park your car a bit further away or get off the bus or train a stop or two earlier.
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