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Faculty/School board

What it is?

The collegial governing body of each faculty and school. Forming the Board are academic staff, students, and administration and services staff representing all the courses at the faculty or school.

The dean (in faculties) or the director (in schools) presides the Board, which has a three-year mandate; however, each board's regulations may allow for certain sectors to be reinstated for an additional mandate. A regular meeting of the Board must take place at least once a year, and an extraordinary meeting of the Board, as often as it is seen necessary.


The main responsibilities of the Faculty and School Boards are:

  • drawing up and approving the Faculty or School Regulations in accordance with the directives laid down by the Governing Council;
  • electing and dismissing the dean or director. This point is not in force in the application of Organic Law 2/2023 of 22 March, on the University System; the Dean or Director is elected by direct universal suffrage.
  • ensuring Faculty/School policies are implemented;
  • approving the teaching plan and overseeing the organisation of lectures;
  • drawing up syllabus projects;
  • contributing to propositions for new courses to be created or current courses to be terminated;
  • approving the annual budget and accountability for applying this budget;
  • providing information on the opening, modification or closure of departments that provide courses at the Faculty or School;
  • resolving conflicts related to the provision of teaching that may arise within departments, general subject areas and specialist subjects;
  • proposing the awarding of honorary doctorates; creating a permanent Faculty/School Board and creating Committees.


The Faculty Board or School Board is formed by:

  1. the dean or director, who presides the board; the members of the governing team (equip de govern) of the Faculty or School; and the course coordinators.
  2. a representation of academic staff from all the departments that teach in the Faculty or School, which must be proportional to the amount of teaching they provide. These representatives must teach in the Faculty or School. The university teaching staff with permament representation in University must represent a minimum of 51% of the Board members.
  3. a representation of students from all the courses at the Faculty or School. The students must make up a minimum of 30% of the Board.
  4. a representation of administration and services staff at the centre, making a minimum of 10% of the members.