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University research institutes and UAB research centre councils

What it is?

The Research Institute Council or Research Centre Council is the collegial body that governs each university research institutes and UAB research centres. Presided by the director, the Council meets in plenary session at least once a year.


The main responsibilities of the Research Institute Council or Research Centre Council are:

  • drawing up and approving the internal regulations;
  • establishing how the services and academic affairs are organised;
  • electing and dismissing the director;
  • approving the plan of events;
  • programming and coordinating its teaching for doctoral programmes and continuing education;
  • organising specialisation and popularisation lectures, seminars, and conference series, as well as other forms of technical assistance related to the centre's area of research;
  • safeguarding the quality of research and other activities organised in the research institute or centre;
  • promoting the signing of contracts with public and private bodies for cooperation with scientific, technical and artistic projects; draw up the proposals for the budget and for staff wages at the research institute or centre. These must be approved and integrated into the University's general budget plan by the Governing Council;
  • approving the statement and distribution of expenditure and their implementation;
  • approving the annual report presented by the director;
  • proposing the hiring of research staff for short-term and specific assignments.


The Research Institute Council or Research Centre Council is formed by all full-time academic staff and a representation of other academic staff, research staff and administration staff in training, as well as a representation of administration and services staff that belong to that Research Institute or Research Centre. The number of representatives for each section must be in accordance with the terms laid down in the internal regulations.