'There is a lot I learnt during my studies that makes my job easier'

Adrià Roger Lacosta

During his Advanced Vocational Training Course (CFGS) in International Trade, Adrià Roger Lacosta started a work placement in the Export Department at a company called Electricfor in Rubí. After completing his course in the summer, the company offered him the chance to stay on in the Logistics and Purchasing Department: "It was an area I enjoyed and, since they had given me an opportunity, I accepted and I'm very happy I did".


Why did you decide to study International Trade?

When I finished secondary school, I wasn't sure what to do. I had always liked trade and, while looking at different options, I found the CFGS in International Trade at the FUAB. I was struck by the fact that it was general, and included subjects of many different types, such as marketing and logistics. I was also attracted to it because there were many languages on offer -English, French and Business Chinese- which I think are important when thinking about the future of the labour market.

What did you think about the fact that it is taught on campus at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona?

It adds value. Studying on a university campus is a different atmosphere and the lecturers, who also teach at the university, provide added value and were a very positive factor for me.

• How would you describe your experience studying over the past two years?

It's been very good. There were always a few setbacks or more difficult stages, such as exam week, which is quite hard. But I felt like I passed the course with good marks and was happy with it.

• What would you highlight about the course?

Apart from the languages, which was one of the most important aspects for me, I think that the teachers were also very friendly and always wanted to help. If you had any questions, they would answer them for you.... Another very interesting experience was the Forma't al Port programme. I was only able to go during first year, you go to the port in Barcelona and then go out on a Golondrina boat to look at all the facilities and they explain how all the logistics work. In second year, my classmates travelled to Rome on a larger boat, and they said it was a unique experience, where you learn a lot.

• Once you finished the course, you started working at Electricfor, the company where you did your work placement.

Yes, I did my work placement in the Export Department at Electricfor, a company that specialises in electric heating elements and heating and cooling equipment. When I had been there for almost two months, they told me that they needed someone for the Logistics and Purchasing Department. It was something I enjoyed and, since they had given me an opportunity, I accepted and I'm very happy I did.

• Can you apply the knowledge you learnt in the course to your job?

Yes, we took a subject on Logistics, which is the area I'm most involved in at the moment. There is a lot I learnt during my studies that makes my job easier.

• Have you thought about continuing your education?

Continuing your education is ideal for anyone. I would like to improve my language skills and learn a few more, although I think I have a good enough level to interact professionally. The course is also general and includes many different subjects, where you learn about marketing, logistics, negotiation... But it is also a good idea to specialise in something, for example Marketing, to get to know the field better and broaden your knowledge in this area.