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Adrià Roger Lacosta

'There is a lot I learnt during my studies that makes my job easier'

During his Advanced Vocational Training Course (CFGS) in International Trade, Adrià Roger Lacosta started a work placement in the Export Department at a company called Electricfor in Rubí. After completing his course in the summer, the company offered him the chance to stay on in the Logistics and Purchasing Department: "It was an area I enjoyed and, since they had given me an opportunity, I accepted and I'm very happy I did".

Minut de silenci per la pau

The UAB inaugurates a peace series with university members from Eastern Europe

On 6 April, the UAB will be holding an institutional event entitled "Vent de l'est: guerra i pau als confins d'Europa" [Wind From the East: war and peace on the edges of Europe], in which members of the university community from Serbia, Rumania, Russia and Ukraine will share their impressions on the conflict currently taking place in Ukraine. The event will begin at 1 p.m. at the Journals Hall of the Humanities Library, at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities.