International Trade in English

Professional training conducted in English to prepare students for planning and managing the introduction and dispatch of goods and the import/export processes at an international level. Also, the learning of Catalan, Spanish, French and commercial Chinese is a main pilar in this programme.

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  • UAB Foundation Vocational Training Centre
  • UAB Campus, Bellaterra
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Places: 30 (minimum 22)
  • Price: Full programme price: 9.060 €
    First year: 4.990 €
    Second year: 4.070 €
    Forma’t al Port field training: 250€ approx.
    Reservation of place: 500€, to be deducted from the registration fee

    The tuition includes: Insurances, official accreditation in English and French, text books, complementary programmed activities, coordination of work placement and free subscription to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, Forma’t al port field training (first year).

  • Language: English: 70%, Catalan: 15%, French/Spanish/Chinese: 15%.
  • Academic calendar: Academic calendar 1st year
    Academic calendar 2nd year  

  • Timetables: Monday to Friday from 8am to 2.30pm.
    First year Timetable
    Second year Timetable

  • Modality: Classroom-based


The Higher Vocational Training Qualification in International Trade (HVTQ) in English prepares students for planning and managing the introduction and dispatch of goods and the import/export processes at an international level. In addition, the learning of Catalan, Spanish, French and Chinese for business plays an essential role in this programme.

  • International trade is a professional sector with a very active present and great future prospect, perfect for people with an interest in languages who want to become professionals in a dynamic environment full of opportunities.
  • Barcelona is one of the most important European trade centres and its port is one of the driving forces of the city and its surroundings in terms of services, productivity and tourism. 
  • It is also the ideal city for an educational stay: it is welcoming, has a mild climate, great cultural and leisure activities, world-famous art, beaches and mountains, and excellent gastronomy. Barcelona is in the top ten favourite destinations for international students.


What does the HVTQ in International Trade in English offer? 

  • It provides the student with quality theoretical and practical training, 100% in English. 
  • Opportunity to participate in the Forma't al port programme to learn about the logistics sector and maritime activity and intermodal transport in the ports of Barcelona and Genoa (Italy)
  • Two academic years at UAB, one of the best universities in Spain, pioneer in providing HVTQ in Spanish and in English.
  • On-the-job training with professional internships in export-oriented companies.
  • Wide range of internships and exclusive job bank: the employability of graduates is above the average in our region.

The curriculum: strongly emphasising language skills

  • Catalan, English and French are studied by means of activities that involve common situations in this professional sector.
  • In order to ensure the students' own pace of learning, language training is given according to their level.
  • Upon completion of the studies, UAB Languages, an ACLES accredited centre, certifies the level of linguistic competence in English and French.
  • To complete the professional profile, Business Chinese is included in the curriculum, working on aspects of Chinese culture, traditions, protocols, customs and language, emphasizing the current role of China in world trade relations.
3 x 2: two qualifications in 3 academic years

Students who have completed the Vocational training in International Trade in english can also obtain the title of Advanced Technician in Transport and Logistics just by taking one more year.

Career options

- Purchasing department
- International sales department
- Purchase manager
- Sales manager
- International commerce management and administration
- International marketing
- Foreign operations for finance and insurance companies
- International transport logistics
- International transport and logistics services sales
- Logistics operator or coordinator

Practical training is provided by private companies, public entities and organisations and international consultants related to the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors; logistics and transportation; finance and insurance; commercial companies for the import and export of goods; customs agencies, etc.

Student profile

The professional training centre aims to train students in becoming multi-skilled and able to work in teams, and to be autonomous and show initiative. Typical applicants will have:

- Interest in learning foreign languages
- Ability for communication and negotiation
- Ability for planning and organising
- Ability to adapt, solve problems and manage change
- Analytical and critical thinking skills
- Ability for objective-based tasks and initiative
- Ability to use new technology

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