The UAB passes its 4th Gender Equality Action Plan

The UAB Governing Council passed the Fourth Gender Equality Action Plan, which will be in force until 2023. The plan serves to articulate the gender and LGBTI equality policies within the university setting.

Resultats projecte AMiCC

Climate change is altering the quality of Pyrenean mountain water

A study led by the UAB reveals that climate change is increasing the natural acidification of the headwaters of Pyrenean rivers at an alarming rate. The process is expanding and the increase of potentially toxic compounds could affect the quality of hydrological resources at medium and lower elevations.

Campus de la UAB

Services at the UAB campus in August

During the month of August, UAB campus services will have special opening hours and some will close for a short period. Train and bus lines to and from campus will also function on different timetables.

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Arnau Noguera Segura 'Treure bones notes Ús qŘestiˇ de constÓncia'

"Getting good grades is a matter of being persistent"

Arnau Noguera Segura just graduated from the secondary school Institut Antoni Torroja in Cervera and is the student with the highest mark to enter the UAB, with a score of 13.866 out of 14. He will be studying Genetics and although he finds it hard to imagine what this new phase will be like, he is very excited to begin university.