La UAB crea la CORE d’Educaciˇ i Ocupabilitat

The UAB creates the CORE in Education and Employability

With the aim of meeting the needs of society in terms of education and employability, the UAB has created a new strategic research community (CORE) whose main objective is to make the research into these fields more visible and facilitate knowledge transfer from researchers to their surroundings. Read more

Plataforma de seqŘenciaciˇ massiva per al Diagn˛stic GenŔtic Preimplantacional

Double factor preimplantation genetic testing now possible through massive sequencing techniques

Researchers at the UAB have implemented an innovative and universal strategy, prepared for a simultaneous diagnosis of genetic mutations and chromosomal alterations within embryos obtained by in vitro fertilisation (IVF). It allows analysing up to 4,800 genes responsible for the most common hereditary diseases and speeds up the study process and the availability of the results of the family’s single gene disorders. Read more

Gara Villalba, investigadora de l'ICTA i del Departament d'Enginyeria QuÝmica

Gara Villalba receives an ERC Consolidator Grant

Researcher at the ICTA and the Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering, Gara Villalba has been awarded a European consolidation grant to develop the project “Integrated System Analysis of Urban Vegetation and Agriculture” (URBAG). The grant will launch the research lab “Integrated Metabolic and Atmospheric Research for Urban Sustainability”. Read more

Cor de Cambra de la UAB

The UAB to participate in the opening of the Garraf opera in Palau Güell

The UAB Chamber Choir, directed by Poire Vallvé, will be performing on 18 and 21 December in the first representation of the 3rd act of the opera Garraf at the Palau Güell. Under the musical coordination and direction of lecturer Francesc Cortès, the performance will mark the end of the Güell Year 2018. The performance of the Garraf opera was only interpreted once, in 1917, at the Palau de la Música.  Read more