UAB monitoring reports

UAB Monitoring Report

The first UAB monitoring report based on the degrees programmed for the academic year 2009/10, included 47 degrees (22 bachelors degrees and 25 masters degrees), approximately the 40% of the total of programmed degrees.

The University Monitoring Report of the academic year 2010/11, with 163 degrees (76 bachelors degrees and 87 masters degrees), comprised almost the 100% of the masters degrees and the 90% of the bachelors degrees.

From the academic year 2011/12 onwards, all the degrees follow the annual monitoring report, except for the interuniversity degrees not coordinated by the UAB and for the Erasmus Mundus masters.

From the academic year 2012/13 onwards, the number of degrees included in the monitoring process decreases, but this is not caused by the fact that the programmed degrees decrease too, but because the accreditation process starts (the academic year when a degree is accredited, the monitoring process is replaced by the accreditation one).

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