Mobile surveys

The UAB has developed a mobile app to make it easier for students to complete surveys.

It can be installed:

- From the Apple Store or Google Play, by searching for "UAB Academic Mobile".
- From the following direct links:

The app will be installed in Catalan, Spanish or English, depending on the default language of the operating system of the mobile or tablet.

After installing the app, log in with your username (NIU) and password. If you don't know or don't remember these, ask at the Academic Management Service (Gestió Acadèmica) of your centre. After logging in, the app will download all the available surveys.

The following is a brief explanation of the icons used in these apps.


Support and assistance



Survey begun on the web but not finalized


This option has two possible modes:

  • Deactivated: allows you to take the survey on the lecturer's teaching activity.
  • Activated: allows you to erase the surveys on lecturers who have not given you any classes.


Shows the scale of values for the reply and their meaning



List of unanswered questions. Allows you to go directly to these questions



To exit the app. If you log out you will lose the replies to surveys that have not been finalized

To give your opinion on these apps please contact