Teaching quality

Preguntes freqüents sobre l'enquesta d'assignatures - Estudiants

It is the tool that allows us to find out the degree of student satisfaction on issues related to the degree subject they are registered for and which, in turn, allows us to evaluate and improve the degrees.

 The subject evaluation survey asks about the structure and programming of the subject, the material used, the course content, etc., while the lecturer performance evaluation survey evaluates the activity carried out in the classroom by the teaching staff.

The survey is aimed at students registered on degree courses.

The survey is scheduled at the end of each semester once teaching has ended: in December for subjects taught in the first semester (semester subjects) and in May for subjects taught in the second semester (semester subjects) and year-long subjects (annual subjects).

The survey of subjects classified as annual subjects is carried out in the second semester.

All subjects of the degree programmes are evaluated, without any restrictions regarding hours taught or type of teaching.

The subject survey is in Catalan and the module survey is in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Students receive an email notifying them of the deadline for answering the surveys and they receive reminders during the established response period. The response period is also published on the UAB and the centres' websites.

Each survey that the student has to answer is identified by the subject code and name of the subject. Only the subjects for which the student is registered in that period are shown.

 The results can be consulted directly by the teaching staff teaching the subject, the degree coordinators, the centre management teams and the department management teams in the following website: link.



Participation can be consulted directly by the teaching staff teaching the subject, the degree coordinators and the centre management teams at the following link: Subject/module evaluation.

No. Once the survey has been completed, the answers cannot be deleted, as the answers are anonymous.