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Roberto Boada

Roberto Boada Romero   Roberto Boada Romero
   Postdoctoral Researcher


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Departament de Química
Àrea de Química Analítica
Entrada Nord Edifici de Ciència
Carrer dels Til·lers
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)


Roberto Boada joined the group of Prof. Manuel Valiente at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona as MSCA-cofund postdoctoral fellow of the P-SPHERE project. His project is devoted to the study of chemical speciation using synchrotron radiation techniques to characterize materials on the fields of functional food, biomedicine and environmental science.

He got his PhD on Physics at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón (ICMA) working on characterizing the induced magnetic moment of non-magnetic atoms with X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) and performed a postdoctoral stay at Diamond Light Source at the I20 beamline to investigate the gas-metal interactions on metal organic frameworks by X-ray spectroscopy techniques. He is continuous collaborator at CLAESS beamline of the ALBA synchrotron (Barcelona, SPAIN) and visiting scientist at Diamond Light Source (Didcot, UK).

Roberto Boada is interested in the identification of the chemical nature of the species in matter to get information about their reactivity, mobility and bioavailability. In particular, to explore the stereo-chemical information that can be extracted from synchrotron radiation X-ray spectroscopic and X-ray imaging techniques which can overcome some of the current limitations of conventional speciation laboratory-base techniques. This research project attempts to find a synergy between conventional speciation methods and X-ray spectroscopy combined with ab-initio calculations to unravel the chemical form of nanostructured materials, sorbed elements and chemical molecules.

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For more publications, visit http://www.researcherid.com/rid/H-5349-2015