P-SPHERE This programme will offer 3 years postdoctoral fellowship to a total of 48 experienced researchers under Cofund Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

September-December 2017

22 and 29 September, 9:00 h -14:00 h
Trainer: Silvia Solà
Location: Servei de llengües UAB
Positions available: 15.
80% compulsory attendance
See complete program: Dissemination of Science
Registrations ( Limited places asigned in order of registration) : https://eformularis.uab.cat/web/p-sphere/sdissemination


16 and 17 October, 9:00-18:00
Trainer: Ana Montserrat
Location: UAB (room to be detailed)
Positions available: 15
80% compulsory attendance
See complete programme: How to disseminate your research project in a 60'' video
Registrations(Limited places asigned in order of registration): https://eformularis.uab.cat/web/p-sphere/video


Social media for researchers: Increase your research competitiveness using Web 2.0 tools.

28th of November, 15:00 -17:00h
Trainer: Xavier Lasauca i Cisa
Location: UAB to be detailed

The workshop will summarise the benefits which can be gained from the use of social media (specially blogs, Twitter and other social network sites) to support research activities. There is evidence that using social media can be really beneficial to increase the impact of research papers, get new information, engage with fellow researchers and meet new collaborators, among others utilities. The lecturer will provide examples of blogs, Twitter and other resources as tools for scientific communication, as well as discuss their implications for digital scholarship.

Registrations: https://eformularis.uab.cat/web/p-sphere/socialnetwork

 Ethical issues
Trainer: Jose Luis Molina
Language: English
Location: UAB (to be detailed)
See complete programme: Ethical issues

 *Compulsory for P-Sphere researchers whose project flagged ethical issues