UAB spin-out companies

The spin-out companies are projects emerged from the UAB research as a part of the process of knowledge transfer.

There are three types of spin-out companies:

  1. Technology-based company of the UAB (EBT): company based on technology or scientific knowledge promoted by the UAB, with direct or indirect participation of the University in the share capital, and open to the participation in the capital to the research staff of the UAB. The EBTs aim to exploit the research results of the UAB linked to technological or scientific knowledge and have to have as a corporate purpose one of the purposes set out in Article 56.1 of the Law 2/2011, of March 4, of Sustainable Economy.
  2. Company arising from the UAB research (spin-off) : a new company that aims at exploiting research results of the UAB, promoted and participated by the UAB researchers within the limits established by the legislation, but without the participation of UAB in the share capital.
  3. Company emerging of the UAB (start-up): a new company with a high capacity for innovation created and owned by UAB research staff or by any person linked to the UAB at least the previous five years before the establishment of the company, and not being its purpose the exploitation of research results of the UAB.
Information about the UAB spin-out companies.