Academic Training

Seminars and conferences on tourism and hotel management

NATOUR; Joint postgraduate study-programme in ecotourism and nature guiding

The UAB has obtained funding from the European Union to coordinate and implement the project NATOUR until January 2024, within the Erasmus+ Programme Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education. Its objective is to put together a joint plan for ecotourism and nature-guide training involving European and Latin-American universities, based on the graduate diploma in Ecotourism and Nature-Guide Training.

Safe tourism: beyond COVID-19

Session led by Ferran Anguera: graduate in prevention and integral safety and security, teacher and expert in tourism safety and security, prevention, and civil protection. 

An analysis of the impact of the Coronavirus on the tourism and hotel industry, and how it has adapted to the new hygiene and safety measures to safeguard the health of tourists and workers. 

Held on 2 June 2020. 

Webinar: How to manage 2.0 talent in times of COVID-19

Within the framework of the online course in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence in the Tourism Sector, on 15 October 2020 a webinar took place on managing talent in the context of a pandemic. This webinar was led by lecturers Harold Torrez, an expert on human resources and talent management, Mariona Vilà Bonilla, an expert on coaching and application techniques, and Sergio Cruz Almanchel, an expert on leadership skills and conflict resolution.

25 years: improving the situation of the hotels sector

On 28 November 2019, the EUTDH held an event to commemorate the 25th anniversary of studies in hotel management. In this event, at ICTA-UAB, a hotel camp was held, with talks by Toni Mascaró, a pioneer in the digital world and an expert in information technologies applied to marketing and communication, and by Manel Bueno, a former student of the School and now COO of Next Business Exhibitions and Event Director of HIP | Hospitality Innovation Planet – Horeca Professional Expo.

Conference on wine tourism and cultural heritage in Catalonia

The EUTDH organised, together with other entities of the UAB and and Vallès Occidental Regional Council, a colloquium to debate the Catalan wine tourism sector. The colloquium took place on 15 and 16 November 2018 at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the UAB. During it, professionals and experts discussed their experience in the world of wine and tourism and, on the second day, visited a local winery.

Inaugural lecture by Octavi Bono, Director General of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia (Genera

The Director General of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat), Octavi Bono, gave the inaugural lecture at the opening session for academic year 2018-2019, held on 11 October 2018 at Hotels Exe Campus UAB. He reflected on tourism activity in Catalonia and the slowdown seen in the sector there due to the sensation of political instability and the recent attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

Read the whole report here

Visit to wineries with different wine tourism offerings

Students on the course Wine Tourism and Winemaking Processes paid a visit, in June 2018, to the wineries Caves Nadal (DO Penedès), Alta Alella (DO Alella), and Heretat Oller del Mas (DO Pla de Bages). The aim of the field trips was to gain insights into the wine tourism sector in Catalonia, and to see the offerings of wineries with different profiles in the country.

Field trip on the graduate diploma in Ecotourism and Nature-Guide Training

On 11 and 12 April 2018, the students of the graduate diploma in Ecotourism and Nature-Guide Training went on a field trip to Delta de l'Ebre, where they were able to observe bird-watching, mountaineering and ethnographic guides in action, among others. The aim was to see the different professionals on the ground, before beginning the placement period. The students were able to interact with the guides and take part in guiding and interpreting the heritage.

Lecturers and an ex-student of the graduate diploma in Ecotourism at the ENS Forum

On 18 and 19 October 2017, the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat) held the first conference in Catalonia to focus on ecotourism. At the Forum on Ecotourism, Nature and Sustainability (ENS), held in Vall d’en Bas (Garrotxa), coordinators Francesc Romagosa and Evarist March announced the graduate diploma in Ecotourism and Nature-Guide Training. Also taking part was former student Aneliya Trendafilova, who had done her work placement with the company SK Kayak as a kayaking nature guide.