Imatge recurs campus

Tips for surviving the heat wave

Given the high temperatures foreseen for the next few days, the UAB Area of Prevention and Support offers safety measures for all members of the university community.

Donatiu Hans Daiber

Hans Daiber makes a donation to the UAB

The bibliophile and collector has assembled an important library specialising in Islamic thought, Arab philosophy and Ramon Llull, which he has now donated to the Humanities Library of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


The UAB wins 58 podiums at the Catalan University Championships

Almost 900 UAB students took part in the 38 Catalan University Championships (CCU), winning 58 medals: 26 gold, 17 silver and 15 bronze. In individual sports, the UAB stood out in swimming and taekwondo, while in team sports, the UAB came in first in men's indoor football and handball and women's volleyball.

Tips on how to spend a healthy summer

The UGT-UAB section and the Campus SiS project will be holding on Monday 19 June at 11 a.m. a new webinar entitled "Tips on How to Spend a Healthy Summer", offered by María Merino Fernández, dietist and nutritionist specialised on sports nutrition and in metabolism.