Administrative structure

The tasks of administrating and organising the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies services are coordinated by the Administration. The administration officer is responsible for managing university services, administration and services staff and the budget for the areas to which they have been delegated by the University's managers.

icona despatx    Building B Campus de la UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)
icona phone 93 581 1057
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Bellaterra Campus

Administration: Esther Ponsà Sánchez
Secretary: Nuria Ramírez Fernández
phone icon 93 581 1057
email icon
Office of Student Affairs: José Checa Acosta
phone icon 93 581 1060
email icon
Accounting and Financial Services: Olga Castaño Naranjo
phone icon 93 586 8375
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Logistic Services and Information Point:  Nuria Ros Rovira
phone icon 93 581 8301
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Sabadell Campus

Services Administration: Vicenç Sellés Martínez
Secretary: Glòria Gordillo Franco
phone icon 676652159 Ext. 7417
email icon
Office of Student Affairs: Montserrat Andrés Díaz
phone icon 676040366 Ext. 7414
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Logistic Services and Information Point Anna Villanueva Lázaro
phone icon 630718068 Ext. 6215
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