Dean's message

Welcome to the School of Economics and Business of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Our school belongs to the set of schools with which the UAB started its activity in 1968, 50 years ago. With five decades of experience in education, nearly 3,500 students, and a wide range of educational programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the School of Economics and Business is a reference in the national landscape and enjoys a well-deserved international prestige and reputation.

One of the main concerns of the School is to ensure the quality of the degree programmes that are offered, a quality that is regularly subject to external evaluation in all universities of the European Higher Education Area following common standards. The quality accreditation process, which in the case of the Catalan university system is carried out by the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya (AQU), ranks our school in an excellent position, with all our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes being accredited, and six of them having received the special excellence qualification. In addition, five degree programmes have been awarded the special internationalization dimension, also granted by AQU, of which three have also obtained the special excellence qualification.

In this context, two distinctive features of our School are its international vocation and the dual training it provides. Its international vocation is expressed by a wide range of degree programmes entirely taught in English at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels (including several official master’s degree and doctorate programmes); through the rapid development and growing involvement of students in exchange programmes; and in terms of scientific publications, research projects, and seminar series that are fully aligned with the highest international standards characterizing any prestigious academic institution.

Regarding dual training, all seven undergraduate degree programmes offered at the School provide students with the opportunity to do apprenticeships in a company and have a first work experience during the study period. This is a tradition that began with the Programa Universitat-Empresa that will soon reach its 30th anniversary, consolidated with the launch of internships within the degrees taught at Campus Sabadell, and has been completed in 2018 with an apprenticeships programme in English developed in collaboration with Barcelona Activa.

In September 2018, a new School Management Team starts its term. The main purpose of this team is to continue improving quality teaching and learning at all levels, from undergraduate to master’s and doctorate studies. Even though as a public university we have recently suffered the consequences of systematic insufficient funding, which has hampered investment in teaching and research facilities and recruiting, we will strive to keep the highest teaching and learning standards in response to the strong social demand of studies in the fields of economics and business.

Notwithstanding the context of sustained public sector austerity, we are confident to keep coping. The main strength of the School is the involvement of all actors in their daily tasks: academic and research staff, administration and services staff, and students. Everyone is actively contributing to the good functioning of the academic activity and from the School Management Team we can only make our gratitude explicit.

Finally, insofar as you students are the ultimate reason we are in business, the last message is for you. Here you will find a unique setting where you can learn and prepare yourselves for the next stage. Education today goes beyond the classroom and both the School of Economics and Business and the UAB put at your disposal the best tools to enhance your preparation and personal development. This goes from complementary spaces and services provided by the language and sports centres (Servei d‘Idiomes and Servei d’activitat Física) to the Economy and Business Cinema series, seminars, and many more. We invite you to participate in all these activities and others that are continuously scheduled, and also to propose new ones and to get involved in the daily life of the School and the Campus. Your class representatives and the Student Council (Consell d’Estudiants) help you have your own voice in this ecosystem that we all have to feed. Do not forget to do it and take good advantage of the years of education that you spend with us. Take good advantage of them because it is time to devote yourself to learning (a luxury that will probably not be feasible at a later stage) and take good advantage of them, above all, because it is the best platform to boost your professional future.