Introduction to programming with R

The registration period opens from January 29 to February 8 for this year's Introduction to Programming course organized by Professor Mikel Esnaola. The course will have a total cost of 40 euros and you must fill in the registration form

Portades i pagines de tres fanzins.

The UAB launches a citizen experimentation laboratory on fanzines

The UAB Library Services offers the university community the possibility to participate in the citizen experimentation and prototype lab “Fanzins atemporals” (UAB), which will be held at the COMTEC Centre of the Communications Library and General Newspaper Archives and at the Faculty of Communication Studies on 7, 8 and 9 February, with the aim of finding new ways to rethink, reshape and reuse this collection made up of 849 fanzines.

The Third Half publicació

Tools for advancing towards a mentally healthy research career

UAB researchers have published The Third Half, towards the creation of healthier research careers, a compendium of international articles on mental health problems and well-being management affecting young researchers and on evidence-based strategies to help promote positive mental health and reduce stigma. These strategies include the University programme "Tercer Temps", which has been running successfully for the past three years.