Age and family structure affect vulnerability to COVID-19 

According to a study by the UAB Centre for Demographic Studies, vulnerability to COVID-19 in Spanish provinces is due to the larger or smaller proportion of younger and older people, and to cohabitation patterns. Although only 14% of the population under 65 lives with the elderly, these could transmit more than half of the contagions occuring within the home.



More than 40 UAB MOOCs now available online, to start anytime

Big Data, Egyptology, 3D Art and video game animation, Psychological First Aid, Digital Humanities and How to Be Persuasive are some of the more than 40 online MOOC courses offered by the UAB, totally free and available at any time. For the first time this year, members of the UAB community will be able to receive a MOOC certificate. 


The UAB Veterinary Clinical Hospital answers questions on coronavirus and pets

The UAB Veterinary Clinical Hospital has published a website with a list of questions and answers on the most pressing issues related to coronavirus and pets. Until the moment, there has been no evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus causing COVID-19), can affect pets or that they are capable of transmitting the disease.


The UAB Research Park suspends all on-site activities

According to Royal Decree 463/2020 passed by the Spanish Government, in which the state of alert is declared towards the management of the health crisis created by COVID – 19, the PRUAB has decided to reduce all on-site activity to the minimum level necessary to assure the safety of its personnel and facilities. All communications during this health crisis will be posted in the university's web portal (