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Research Methods in Education: Hands on Experience (NEW)


The course, “Research Methods in Education: Hands on Experience” is designed to equip education professionals with essential skills in research, evaluation, and innovation. In recent times, the demand for evidence-based decision-making in education has grown, making research proficiency a crucial aspect of professional development.  

The aim of this course is to provide a basic and applied overview of research methods, data collection and treatment of educational information and its analysis and interpretation using specific IT tools to face the challenges that future education professionals face. 

The emphasis is on challenge-based learning, where students engage in real-world scenarios, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Every week students will face a new challenge in teams, which will let them experience different research scenarios and procedures. This will not only prepare them to address today's challenges, but also empower them to adapt and lead change in an ever-evolving future within the field of education.

The course begins with a motivating introduction, emphasizing the increasing significance of research in educational and social sciences. It sets the stage for the importance of evidence-based practices in education and outlines the course's objective to provide a foundational understanding of research methodologies, data collection, and analysis using IT tools.  

The course emphasizes a collective approach where all students tackle a common educational challenge. This not only fosters a shared understanding of the problem but also allows for diverse solutions through the application of research methods and skills. 

Courses generally have little or no prerequisite knowledge required for a given topic, however if students face any doubts, we recommend they contact course professors to clarify.

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