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Good Journalism is Alive


During the past century, new practices of journalistic styles in the press have arisen, while the role of media in the society was reconfigured. This subject analyzes the course of journalism through its various genres, interviews, chronicles, and reports. By reading journalism must-read classics, like Gay Talese, Truman Capote, Oriana Fallaci, and John Hersey, among others, the aim will be to understand the structure that articulates them. What were the intentions of those who conceived them? Which effects do they have on the audiences? 

We will also explore the new digital narratives evolution, from an analytical and descriptive perspective, avoiding normative parameters and catalogs. A social perspective will be considered too. What do we talk about when referring to 'quality journalism'? What is its contribution to a critical democratic society? Students are expected, after the course, to be able to identify the different genres, their main features, and to understand what strategies the authors have used and which effects they sought to provoke in the audience.  

Courses generally have little or no prerequisite knowledge required for a given topic, however if students face any doubts, we recommend they contact course professors to clarify.

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