The Foundation

IIB Sant Pau

The Foundation for Health and Ageing of the UAB, in representation of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, is a member of the Sant Pau Biomedical Research Institute (IIB Sant Pau), together with other R&D centres and the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.

The IIB Sant Pau has the objective of articulating and strengthening research in basic, clinical, epidemiological medicine and health services through the collaboration of its members.

It currently leads projects in the following priority areas:

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Genetic, metabolic and inflammatory illnesses.
  • Haematological and oncological illnesses.
  • Neurological, mental and ageing conditions.
  • Uronephrology and experimental surgery.
  • Epidemiology, public health and health services.
  • Molecular, genomic, cell and kinetic-dynamic bases of illnesses and their treatment.
The IIB Sant Pau is accredited as a health research institute under the Spanish National Health System.