First year documents


Important information for all students with a right to exemption from paying enrolment fees or to a reduced fee.
When do documents need to be sent to justify paying a reduced fee or for a fee exemption?

- If the documents were submitted when signing up to take the university entrance exams (PAU) in Catalonia, there is no need to send them again (for example, the large-family card). 
- If UAB already has up-to-date versions of these documents, there is no need to send them again (for example, if they were submitted in a previous year). 
- If UAB has the documents but these are not up to date, they do need to be sent in, except for large-family cards issued in Catalonia. 
- In all other cases, you need to send in the documents justifying payment of a reduced fee or a fee waiver, using the documents form of your Academic Management office (Gestió Acadèmica). 

Then you need to take the original or an attested copy of the document to the Academic Management office, or send it in by certified mail, before 5 November. If the original documents are not delivered by this date, the enrolment fee will be modified, and the corresponding amount charged.

Timeframe for submitting the documents

  • Supporting documents for fee exemption or reduction: these are to be sent using the documents form of your Academic Management office in advance of enrolment and the originals or attested copies delivered to the Academic Management office before 5 November. 
  • All other documents: (SEPA direct debit, access documents not submitted previously, insurance for students over the age of 28, etc.): the deadline for submitting the documents to the Academic Management office is 15 December 2021. 

Documents required

  • ID document:
    • Students with a Spanish DNI: this does not need to be sent to the Academic Management office. It still needs to be shown for identification purposes when carrying out formalities in person. 
    • Students from the European Union: after enrolling, take your original passport to the Academic Management office, or else take your original ID document with your Foreigner's Identity Number (NIE), or send in an attested photocopy of one of these by post.
    • Foreign students not from the European Union: after enrolling, take the original and a photocopy of your Foreigner's Identity Card (TIE) to the Academic Management office, or send in an attested photocopy by post. If you do not have your TIE yet, take your passport and a photocopy of your TIE application. You have up to a maximum of three months to provide the document. 
    • Foreign students residing in an EU country need to email their NIE to the Academic Management office before enrolling, to be kept on record.
  • SEPA direct debit order. This must be printed out, signed and sent, using the corresponding form, to the Faculty's Academic Management office, after enrolling. The bank details must include the IBAN and BIC codes if the bank is not present in Spain. Only accounts in banks located in the EU, Andorra, the Vatican, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino or Switzerland are accepted. 
  • If you are 28 or older, you will need to present the original and a copy of a health, accident and civil liability insurance policy that is valid in Spain. For this purpose, when enrolling, you can take out the complementary insurance offered by UAB. 
  • In certain subjects or bachelor's degrees, it is compulsory to take out the complementary insurance, which will already be pre-selected on the enrolment form. 
  • If a subject involves being in contact with minors, at the start of the academic year you need to submit a certificate of absence of sexual offences to the centre responsible for the subject. This information appears on screen during the enrolment process. 
  • Supporting documents for access to the study programme: 


Access route Supporting documents
University entrance exams (PAU) or equivalent No documents required.
PAU taken in another Autonomous Community Application to transfer the entrance exam record from the university of origin
Spanish qualification in advanced vocational training, advanced practice in plastic arts and design, advanced practice in sports, or equivalent No documents required.
Entrance exam for over-25s No documents required.
Entrance exam for over-45s No documents required.
Students who have begun their studies and have obtained a place in another programme through pre-enrolment No documents required (nor the transfer of academic records)
Favourable resolution on admission through a change of degree programme or validation of previous studies Certificate from the university of origin showing the access route taken to join it and the corresponding grades
Transfer of academic records (students from Spain).

University degree or equivalent

Personal academic certificate (transcript) and attested copy of the degree certificate
Students from member states of the European Union or states with reciprocal international agreements in place There is no need to submit the credential issued by the Spanish National Distance Education University (UNED)
There is no need to submit proof of having passed the specific phase of the PAU.


Conditions applicable for 2021/22 academic year  Supporting document
General grants for university studies

Online application for the grant on the AGAUR website.

To be classified as a conditional grant-holder and provisionally avoid payment of the fees established by the decree on public prices, you must fulfil the academic requirements established in the grant call and must have obtained a grant in the 2020-2021 academic year, or submitted the financial credential. You can request your credential for 2021-2022 on the AGAUR website.

Equity grant

Online application for this grant on the AGAUR website.

This grant is for undergraduates and students on qualifying master's degrees. The corresponding reduction can only be applied once the call has been resolved, before the deadline for making the third payment.

If your grant application is not successful, whether or not you lodge an appeal against the proposed or definitive refusal, you need to make a provisional payment of the corresponding amount in a single payment that will be charged to your bank account as from the date of the decision on your grant application. If your enrolment is modified after 31 May, the Academic Management office of your centre will inform you of the payment options available.


Conditions applicable for 2021/2022
academic year
Supporting document
Students awarded a distinction in Batxillerat

Grade certificate with the distinction.  If the distinction was awarded in a school in Catalonia, you need not submit any document

This fees waiver does not apply to distinctions obtained for advanced vocational training (CFGS)
Large-family card issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya
You need not submit this if you also used it when signing up to take the PAU.
If you do not have a valid large-family card when you enrol, you have ten days to update it and inform your faculty’s Academic Management office.
Large-family card issued by other autonomous communities 

Valid large-family card or certificate

If you do not have a valid large-family card when you enrol, you have ten days to update it and you need to inform your faculty’s Academic Management office before enrolling.
Recognised disability of 33% or above  One of the following credentials: disability certificate issued or validated by the Department for Work, Social Welfare and Family, resolution or certificate issued by INSS or the competent authority in the corresponding autonomous community, or any other specified in Article 2 of Royal Decree 1414/2006.
Victims of acts of terrorism (plus their children and spouses) Administrative resolution.
Victims of male violence in an intimate partnership (plus their dependent children) (*)

The Llibre de Família family register in the case of dependent children up to the age of 21, or a certificate of cohabitation (convivència) for the family unit in the case of children over 21.
One of the following supporting documents: a judgement of conviction; a protection order; any other judicial decision to grant a precautionary measure in the victim's favour; a report from the public prosecutor or the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate; a report or certificate showing that the applicant is receiving assistance as a victim of gender violence, issued by a public administration agency — Social Services, Male- and Family-Violence Unit of the Directorate General for Families of the Catalan Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families, Specialist Intervention Services (SIE), Information and Assistance Services for Women (SIAD), Crime Victims' Assistance Office, or sheltered accommodation — or by an entity providing assistance to women victims of male violence in an intimate partnership that is funded by a specific public administration body. * (See further details).

Submission of the required documentation within the set time limits is an essential condition for processing your academic record, making a new enrolment or modifying a previous one, and for requesting any kind of academic service (certificates, academic record transfers, etc.).

(*) Information based on the agreement on criteria for establishing the status of victim of male violence in an intimate partnership setting for the purpose of exemption from payment of university fees, approved by the Inter-university Council of Catalonia, which specifies the corresponding period of validity of these documents.