Repeated credits enrolment

According to the decree on public prices of the Generalitat de Catalunya, when you enrol for a second or more times, you will have to pay a surcharge:

Number of enrolments

EHEA and non-EHEA degrees repetition coefficient

Professional-oriented and with recomendations Master's degrees repetition coefficient

Other Master's degrees repetition coefficient

2  1.2  1.2 1.625
3  2.6 2.6 1.750
4  3.6 3.6 1.875


Second and subsequent degree surcharge

If you have already an official degree and you are starting your second official degree, you will have to pay a surcharge coefficient of 1.4 for every credit enrolled, except for master or doctorate studies. You will have to pay that surcharge also if you have non-official studies equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

You will be not have to pay this fee in the following cases:

- Students who have passed the first cycle of a non-EHEA degree and are starting a second cycle.
- Students who have started double-diploma studies, have already obtained the diploma of one of these studies, but need to enrol in a subject of the other studies.
- Students who have completed previous official or non-official but equivalent university studies in private universities or schools.
- Students with a disability degree of 33% or higher.
- Terrorism victims and their spouses and children.
- Domestic violence victims and their dependent children.