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Steps to follow in the enrolment procedure

Find out the place and date of registration

Once you have received confirmation of admission you need to find out the place and date for registration. For some Master’s degrees registration is on line and for others it is face-to-face. For interuniversity or Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees registration is often done at other participating universities. Find out the details for your particular Master’s degree.

Check your documents

To finalise your registration you need to present all the required documentation. You can find out whether any additional documents are required in the information  for your particular Master’s degree.

Academic tutorial

The Master’s degree coordinators often arrange an individual or group tutorial to organise the subjects, tracks and other questions relating to the course. This may be arranged in advance or on the same day as registration. Please the information for your particular Master’s degree.


Please check the modality, place , date and time of registration for your particular Master’s degree. Go to the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Students tab on the application and click on Self-registration of other undergraduates and Master’s degree students. You will need your NIU and password to enter the application. You can also obtain your student card there.For more information please consult the Online registration manual.

Fee payment

Registration fees for Master’s degrees may be paid by standing order or debit or credit card. You can find more information at payment options. Calculate your total fees and the amount of the instalments using the registration simulator. You can also find out how to apply for a grant.

Any questions about registration?

Consult the FAQ section on the UAB website. If you have more specific questions there is a form to ask questions in the information for your particular Master’s degree.