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Authors’ rights

General recommendations

  • Always cite the source and name of the authors of the small texts and images you use. These citations can appear in each fragment of text or at the end as a list of citations.
  • Never change the cited work. 
  • The proportion of cited works should be minimal in comparison with your own work.
  • Avoid using images or photographs that do not come from official sources. For example, if you use a photograph of a museum piece, download it from the museum website and cite it accordingly.

For more information see the documents produced by the UAB Library Service:

Publish teaching materials under licence
In principle, as authors of a work you have authorship rights just for having created the work and there is not need to take any other steps to determine what use can be made of them.
In the case of MOOCs you need to remember what the first ‘O’ stands for – Open. Lecturers should allow the reuse of their materials under some kind of licence. We recommend Creative Commons which cedes some or all of your rights in advance so that if anyone wants to use or reproduce your text they can do so without your permission as long as they cite the work and you as the author.
Creative Commons licences allow you to establish the conditions of use and distribution of your work. With a combination of 4 conditions you can generate up to 6 different licences for your work.
See the Creative Commons licences website to assign the most appropriate licence for your work.