Monitoring of degrees

The follow-up is the process of analysis of the development of the degree in terms of: quality of the training program, pertinence of the public information, effectiveness of the Quality Assurance System, teacher adequacy, effectiveness of the support systems for learning and quality of results.

The two main objectives of the follow-up process are:

  • Guarantee the continuous analysis of the development of the implanted degree and the detection of proposals for improvement, to promote the quality improvement of the training program.
  • Be evidence for the subsequent accreditation of the degree.

This process must allow:

  • Identify the most problematic aspects and plan improvement actions.
  • Obtain evidence of the functioning of the degree that helps in the periodic processes of external evaluation and renewal of the accreditation.
  • Accountability to the society of the use of public resources, the results obtained with them and the degree of satisfaction of the different agents involved.

From the 2012/13 academic year the monitoring reports of official degrees are public.

Center Follow-up Report (ISC) 
Faculty of Communication Sciences

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