Social Action

Secondary- Let's Go!

Imatge de la capçalera de Let's Go a Acció Social

Let's Go is a new social and educational pilot programme aimed at making the town of Badia del Vallès a focal point for English language learning: an English-Learning City (ELC). 

This programme opens up new methodologies to English teachers at the schools in Badia del Vallès.  The head teachers of the two secondary schools organise the actions to be taken in the schools and supervise the programme as a whole.

The ultimate goal for when the project ends in 2020 is for the whole town to be involved in promoting the learning of English, through a network formed by social entities, schools and the community.


Regarding the schools' pupils
  • To improve reading comprehension, written expression and oral communication in English.
  • To boost autonomy and motivation to learn English.
  • To involve the pupils in activities to learn or practise English outside the classroom.

Regarding the teachers
  • To intensify the use of English-language activities in the schools.
  • To develop teaching methods and activities that foster real, significant learning.
  • To encourage engagement in networked projects.

Regarding the town
  • To promote extra-curricular activities that increase the use of English in the town.
  • To enable Badia del Vallès to take part in international projects. 

Regarding UAB students
  • To complement the students' university education.
  • To further students' engagement with the community through participation as agents of change. 
  • To provide an opportunity for the students to learn about the reality of young people's life in Badia del Vallès.

This programme is organised by the UAB, Badia del Vallès Town Council, municipal entities and the Catalan Ministry of Education.

One of its key elements is a combination between research and intervention, made possible by close cooperation with the UAB research group GREIP (Research Group on Multilingual Education and Interaction). The programme is funded by the Board of Trustees of the UAB