Social Action

Refugee program

Programa Acollida

In a global context of ongoing violation of the rights of migrants and refugees, Fundació Autònoma Solidaria (FAS), in coordination with the Spanish Committee for Refugee Assistance (CEAR), conducts the Welcome Programme.
This programme aims to boost the university's capacity to offer such assistance. Its overall goal is to help improve the measures taken by universities to uphold the rights of refugees.


  • To facilitate the full integration of UAB campus residents seeking international protection by involving the UAB community in actions to welcome and assist them. In order to work towards this goal, personalised itineraries are established to increase these persons' autonomy and capacities, and to encourage them to take active steps towards integration in their immediate surroundings.
  • To explain the structural causes of forcible displacement and provide tools for action through:
    • various actions to raise awareness about refugees' situation;
    • highlighting the university's role in furthering critical knowledge and educating politically active citizens.

The programme has four lines of action:

The programme includes a volunteer group open to the whole university community.

Since 2016 it has assisted over 130 refugees and 103 volunteers have taken part in it.