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Environmental program

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The Environment Programme aims to build a university that is more responsible and better integrated into its surroundings, by promoting environmental education on campus, exploring the biodiversity all around us and by taking part in other activities related to sustainability.

The programme is coordinated by the UAB Environment Office and relies on a group of student volunteers. Its areas of work are the following:

  • Biodiversity
  • Education
  • Climate change
  • Food
  • Waste

The main actions that it carries out are the following:
  • Activities and resources on environmental education
  • Measures relating to biodiversity
  • Monitoring of nesting boxes
  • Campaigns for World Biodiversity Day and Earth Day
  • UAB Health and Sustainability Week
  • Solidarity lunch to combat food waste
  • Cleaning up the campus stream
  • UAB Festa Major

For more information on volunteering on the Environment Programme, click on this link.