CORES UAB CORE in Education and Employment

CORE in Education and Employment


Education is and will be a challenge that must be tackled from different and multiple social perspectives in order to respond to the needs of each moment. Nowadays, education must cover, in one of its purposes, an economic and labor perspective of the individual; essential to become free citizens, autonomous and with a critical spirit. Therefore, in this first interaction we find the complex, but undeniable, relationship between Education and Employment.

On the other hand, the SEPE (Public State Employment Service) gives, among others, the following definition of employability: "Degree of adaptability that an individual demonstrates in the attainment and maintenance of a job, as well as in the updating of their professional competences ". In this sense, the education system in particular and education, in more general terms, must provide skills, knowledge and attitudes to citizens to meet labor demand. Once again, we find evidence of the essential relationship between the educational world and the world of work.

More specifically, if we focus on the specific current challenges that relate employability to education, it is evident that the new labor demands question the current education system. The lack of correspondence (mismatching) generates unwanted social and economic effects such as waste or flight of talent, underemployment, unemployment and the brake on the development of certain economic sectors. The employability of people who are trained and who must exercise a profession is a requirement for all educational and social institutions, and especially for higher education institutions.

It is in this framework that the UAB of the 21st century must position itself to remain a benchmark for quality and contribute to the economic and social development of its environment. Therefore, this CORE assumes not only the usual role of knowledge generating institution aimed at the specific challenge but also the undisputed plaintiff, as part of the problem and part of the solution.