Contact, Competences and Responsibilities in the Area of Research & Tranfer

Area of Research ans Transfer organisation chart


Vice-Rector for Research and Transference Dr. Armand Sánchez 
Delegate of the Rector in scientific policy Dr. Assumpció Malgosa 
Secretary Rosa Sobrino +34 93 581 1832
Vice-Rector for Innovation and Strategic Projects Dr. Rosa Maria Sebastián
Deputy to Vice-Rector for Innovation and Strategic Projects Dr. Carme Nogués
Secretary Rosa Sobrino +34 93 581 2810

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Armand Sánchez - vr Recerca i Transferència

Dr Armand Sánchez Bonastre
Professor of Animal Production


  • Policy on research, transfer and research staff.
  • Coordinating the UAB research units.
  • Relations with the research centres that have their own legal personality and are affiliated to the UAB or with UAB participation.

Presiding over the Governing Council commissions: 

  • Commission for Doctoral Studies. 
  • Commission for Research, Transfer and Innovation. 

Edifici A, plaça Acadèmica, 08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)
+34 93 5811832

Brief Curriculum Vitae
Professor of Animal Production in the Department of Animal and Food Science at the UAB, he has been deputy director of the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG, CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB consortium), director of the Veterinary Molecular Genetics Service (SVGM), member of the TECNIO d’ACCIÓ network, head of the consolidated research group on Veterinary Molecular Genetic Improvement, and is founder of Vetgenomics, the first technology-based company (TBC) at the UAB.

He has directed 25 doctoral theses, has participated as a principal investigator in 35 research projects—both national and European—in the field of animal genomics, and has been responsible for over 80 R&D contracts with companies and administrations. His research focuses on the genetic characterisation of properties of productive interest and the development of new analytical tools for veterinary molecular diagnosis. He has published 191 indexed articles and has undertaken stays at the University of Edinburgh, I.N.R.A Jouy-en-Josas (France) and the University of California at Davis. He has been a member of the CNEAI and vice-president of the Spanish Society of Genetics.

He is an elected member of the University Senate, the Governing Council and the UAB Committee for the Transfer of Knowledge and Strategic Projects. He has been a member of the Board of Teaching and Research Staff, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Director of the Department of Animal and Food Science, Rector's Delegate for Personnel and Relations with Social Stakeholders (2002-2008) and Vice-Rector for Research and Transference (2016-2020).

Armand Sánchez's CV on ORCID

Rosa María Sebastián - vr Innovació i Projectes Estratègics

Dr Rosa María Sebastián Pérez
Professor of Organic Chemistry


  • Policies for promoting innovation and monitoring of strategic projects.
  • Executive directorship of the UAB Research Park.
  • Relations with the business and social fabric of the region on questions of innovation.
  • Coordinating the scientific and technical services.
  • Responsible for the Library Service and the Publications Service.
  • Responsible for the Quality Assurance Unit. 

Presiding over the Governing Council commissions: 
Commission for Research, Transfer and Innovation.

Edifici A, plaça Acadèmica, 08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)
+34 93 5812810

Brief Curriculum Vitae
Professor of the Department of Chemistry within the Area of Organic Chemistry, PhD in Chemistry from the UAB, Professor Sebastián carried out a postdoctoral stay at the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (CNRS, Strasbourg) and later returned to the UAB through a Generalitat de Catalunya contract aimed at reincorporating PhD holders into Catalan universities. She was then awarded a position through the Ramon y Cajal Programme in 2001. Since January 2006 she has held a permanent post at the UAB.

Her research has evolved from the synthetic study of small molecules through to macromolecules, on to the preparation of polymeric materials, and has given rise to over 73 indexed scientific articles and three patents. She has participated in 12 national and European projects and six scientific networks. She currently coordinates a consolidated funded research group. She has supervised nine doctoral theses and is currently supervising seven theses that are now being written. In terms of knowledge transfer, she has taken part in four competitive projects and 15 contracts with companies, resulting in over twelve patents currently in use, two industrial doctorates and a National Research Prize in Public-Private Partnership between the UAB and Henkel KGaA & Co. She has also taken part in three teaching innovation projects that have given rise to nine articles.

She has been head of the Organic Chemistry Unit, secretary of the Department of Chemistry, member of the standing committees of the Faculty of Sciences and the Section of Chemistry, and member of the Department of Chemistry’s PhD Committee.

Rosa María Sebastián’s CV on ORCID

Competences and responsibilities:

  • Head of Management of the Area of Research
  • Promote and strengthen UAB research and knowledge transfer
  • Implement improvements aimed at more efficient management of the resources available and guarantee the quality of services offered by the Research Sector
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the Quality System in the Area of Research 
  • Work closely with the executive administrator, taking on specific responsibilities and acting as a liaison between the executive administrator and the rest of the area members
  • Participate and collaborate with the governing team's strategic planning policies, in the writing up of objectives, in the analysis and implementation of new projects and in the study of their viability and execution, offering support to the management of research at the UAB, to the international research projects, to the evaluations and patents, to the technological innovation, to the actions taken under the Campus of International Excellence and to the UAB Research Park
  • Offer support to the governing team, especially to the office of the vice rector for Research, to the office of the vice rector for Strategic Projects and Planification, and for the Rector's Commissioner for the Research Park
  • Represent the university and defend its interests, as well as set down communication and coordination connections among different areas within the university
Office of the Deputy Executive Administrator for Research
Position Name Contact 
Deputy Executive Administrator
for Research
Iván Marftínez +34 93 581 2083
Secretary Montse García +34 93 581 2083


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Competences and responsibilities
  • Manage competitive research aids and subsidies: dissemination and support in research calls, applications, resolutions, modification in concessions, etc.
  • Management of collaborations between the university and businesses in R&D terms.
  • The coordination of research issues with other central and departmental areas, study and research centres and university institutions.
  • Management of all issues related to data obtainment of UAB scientific activity and production (research groups, departments, centres, institutions) and used in decision-making processes.
  • Obtainment of aggregated and sectorialised indicators (research lines, scientific disciplines, basic research structures, etc.) and visibility in scientific production.
  • Support and execution of activities based on UAB scientific policies (vice rectors' offices).

The Research Management Area is organised into three specialised units:

  • Contracts and Agreements Unit
  • Resource Management Unit
  • Scientific and Technical Services Management Unit

The Research Management Area also includes a Front Office which offers the following services:

  • Gather documents addressed to the different sectors of the area and review their adequacy with the aim of avoiding duplicities in procedures and/or tasks, in accordance with technical directives.
  • Offer information and support in person and over the phone on research related processes.

Research Management Area
Position  Name  Contact
Head of Area Anabel Poveda

+34 93 581 3732

Secretary Montse García

+34 93 581 3732


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Competences and responsibilities:

  • Manage and supervise the contracts and agreements of research and development (R&D), of researchers linked to the university (IVU) and chairs of research
  • Presentation of tenders in the field of research
  • Maintain relations and negotiation with public and private bodies for the establishment of collaborations for research purposes
  • Provide technical support and advice to researchers in their field
  • Updated maintenance of the EGRETA application in relation to the previous competences

Contracts and Agreements Unit
Position Name Contact
Head of Unit Luís Bradineras

+34 93 581 4600

Administration Andreu Bartuí

+34 93 581 4600

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The centralized management of the scientific and technical services is organized in two different spheres, one administrative and the other one technological. In this second domain, there are 12 technological units that support research in several areas of knowledge:

  • Laboratory of Luminescence and Spectroscopy of Biomolecules (LLEB)
  • Chemical Analysis Service (SAQ)
  • Crop, Antibody and Cytometry Service (SCAC)
  • X-ray Diffraction Service (SDRX)
  • Animal Facility (SE)
  • Applied Statistics Service (SEA)
  • Genomics and Bioinformatics Service (SGB)
  • Service of Farms and Experimental Fields (SGCE)
  • Microscopy Service (SM)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Service (SRMN)
  • Food Technology Pilot Plant Service (SPTA)
  • Ionizing Radiation Service (SRI)

Competences and responsibilities

  • To provide technological support and scientific-technical assistance to the scientific community of the UAB, as well to other public and private institutions.
  • To coordinate and manage the correct development of the services provided from the technological units of the scientific-technical services
  • To coordinate and manage the correct development and processing of the economical procedures of the scientific-technical services.
  • To organize, coordinate and manage the correct development and prosecution of the scientific-technical services regulations.
  • To follow up on the resolutions of the Vice-Rector and the Deputy Executive Administrator for Research concerning the scientific-technical services.
Scientific and Technical Services Management Unit
Name Contact
Head of Unit
  Mª Ángeles Benítez  +34 93 581 3457
Head of Administrative sphere
  Melchor Cruz +34 93 581 1540
Administrative sphere
  Sònia Andrés
  Cruz Calderón
  Maria José Castillo
  Mateu Company
  Consuelo García
  Maria Teresa García
  Noelia Grima  
  Dolors Cruz  
Technological sphere. Directors of Technological Units
  Salvador Bartolomé +34 93 581 3074
  Alba Eustaquio +34 93 581 1291
  Francisca García +34 93 586 8946
  Ángel Álvarez +34 93 581 2621
  Pedro Otaegui +34 93 581 1474
  Llorenç Badiella +34 93 581 1347
  Anna Barceló +34 93 586 8947
  Ramon Costa +34 93 581 3440
  Núria Barba +34 93 581 2090
  Teodor Parella +34 93 581 2291
  Joan Miquel Quevedo +34 93 581 1956
  Eva Rodriguez +34 93 581 3334

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Competences and responsibilities:

  • Disseminate and foster participation of university members in research programmes and in building ties with external sectors with the aim of enriching UAB activities
  • Plan the coordination of information on research calls support services for users
  • Coordinate the assessment and technical support in procedures when applying for national aids and grants, and management of all documents
  • Manage and act as liaison between the UAB and funding entities
Resource Management Unit
Position Name Contact
Manager Àngels Osuna
+34 93 581 3738
Available in Teams


Esther Verriest

Mari Carmen Rodríguez

Maria Gil

Irina Espes




+34 93 581 2382

Grant Management


Anna Carmona

Lourdes Larramona

Ainhoa Real

Lidia Triay

Beatriz Villalba

+34 93 581.3447

+34 93 581.2162

+34 93 581.3447

+34 93 586 8596

+34 93 586 8596

Economic Management


Carmen Pérez

Ramoni Martínez


Lourdes Romero

Tània Mata

Alicia Zorrilla

+34 93 581 2150

+34 93 581 3737

+34 93 586 8598

+34 93 586 8599

+93 34 581 3636

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The International Projects Office promotes the participation of research groups in international programs and calls. The OPI offers comprehensive advice on the development of research and educational projects while offering the possibility of managing international projects (ERC and H2020 / HEU coordinated) 

  1. Promotion 
  2. Assessment and planning 
  3. Support for proposals acting as coordinator 
  4. Negotiation stage  
  5. Project management
International Projects Office
Position Name Contact
International Projects Office
Head of Office Núria Claver +34935812940


Xavier Biarnés +34935812077
Silvia Bronsoms +34935813752
Alejandra Campos +34935814964
Verónica Colombo +34935868630
Elena Gabarra  +34935811363
Paqui Rabadán +34935813752
Dulce Tienda +34935814267
Post-award Team Coordinator Montse Paredes +34935813209
Post-award Susana Aragón +34935814057
Mònica Cervera +34935814061
Vanessa del Pino +34935814267
Noelia Donado +34935814061
Belén Gómez +34935812854
Laura Jiménez +34935868666
Encarna Poncela +34935868827
Óscar Ruiz +34935814060 
Marta Viana +34935868666
Manuela Romero
Administration Jesús Manuel Álvarez +34935814647
Míriam Folch +34935868034
Information management Eduard Sala +34935868062

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The Valorisation and Patents Office at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is responsible for managing the university's research results, with the aim of transferring them to society. This includes the management of the University's industrial property, from the patent application to the promotion and collection of funding to enhance these results, and the transfer of research results through licensing.

Competences and responsibilities:

  • Support services in protection strategies (IPR)
  • Assessment and protection of research results
  • Preparation of studies of patentability and technological vigilance
  • Assessment of research results: definition of trial-concept, search for funding, search for partners
  • Preparation of transfer agreements: drafting, reviewing and discussing conditions with third parties
  • Participation, together with PRUAB, in the process of commercialising and creating technology-based companies
  • Preparation, execution and delivery of UAB projects, within their own sector, which are financed by the administrations 
  • Participation in national and international networks
  • Organisation of training workshops, information and awareness-raising in and out of the university community.
Valorization and Patents Office (Tech Transfer Office)
Position Name Contact
Valorization and Patent Office (Tech Transfer Office)
Head of Office Xavier Vallvé +34935813231
IP and technology tranfer managers Maite Ibern +34935813239
Lucas Martín +34935813229
Carlos Raga +34935813238
Valorization manager Martín Buffa +34935814846
Legal advicer Sandra Vives +34935814393
Administrative, economic and procedures support Miquel Costa +34935813435
Carlota Sanromà +34935814588

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Competences and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the implementation of an integrated management, exploitation and dissemination system for UAB research data
  • Development of technological tools for research management
  • Compilation of Scientific Production by UAB researchers
  • Analysis and exploitation of research data
  • Bibliometrical studies using the data obtained from the UAB CRIS
  • Diffusion of research data

Technological Research Office
Position Name Contact
Head of Office Carlos Serrano +34 93 581 4216
Technical manager of Unit Rosa Fàbregas +34 93 581 4216
Information Systems Advice and Use

Sònia Ruiz

Vanessa Leo

Alba García

Roser Garcimartín

Samantha Curopos

Antonio Trujillo

+34 93 581 4216
Data Control and Exploitation

Andreu Grau

Esther Díez

Dani Medina

Marc Creus

Ignacio Ferrando

José Quirós

+34 93 581 4216

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Competences and responsibilities

  • Plan, manage and monitor strategic actions with surrounding institutions, aimed at promoting research, innovation, and transfer of the university, and contributing to territorial and regional development.
  • Plan the university's own research and innovation structures, with the same purposes.
  • Coordinate the Communities Oriented to Strategic Challenges (CORE) of the UAB.
  • Coordinate and supervise the creation and implementation of the UAB's Open Innovation Laboratories (UAB OpenLabs), within the UAB's Innovation Ecosystem.

If you are interested in joining the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/ UAB-CIE Sphere project of Communities Oriented to Strategic Challenges, please contact us:

Strategic Development
  Head Àngela Serrano +34935812916  
UAB Open Labs Coordination  Alfons Miàs +34659094428
Design Lab Anna Alcón +34935814031
Digital Lab Igor Bogdanovic +34935811308

Communities Oriented to Strategic Challenges 


CORE in Cultural Heritage Oriol Vicente +34935868744
CORE in Smart and Sustainable Cities Konstantinos Kourkoutas +34935868245
CORE in Mental Health Sònia Sànchez +34935813337
CORE in Education and Employment Laura Palou +34935813083

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The UAB Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) supports research in the field of quality with respect to different regulatory frameworks (GLP, ISO 17025, ISO 9001, Good Scientific Practices, etc.). It is involved in the processes of obtaining certifications, and accreditations based on quality management standards, from application to regulatory bodies to obtaining certificates.

Competences and responsibilities:

  • Advice on the implementation of different Regulatory Systems
  • Mock Inspections
  • Internal audits and inspections
  • Support in external audits of clients and official bodies
  • Quality training projects
  • Support in the establishment and standardization of formats, and documents to promote the quality of products and services
  • Tailored service for quality management according to the required regulatory system
  • Promote and participate in working groups, forums, at the UAB level on quality issues
  • Participation in the Ethics Committee on Animal and Human Experimentation
Quality Assurance Unit
Contact      +34.93.581.3578      +34.93.581.3146     

Head of Unit

Águeda Flores

Quality systems assessment and audit

Carme Alañá
Laura Martínez
Núria Pérez
Pilar Pérez
Núria Puig
Esther Sánchez


Emma Roig

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