Communities Oriented to Strategic Challenges

The majority of great challenges faced by today's society must be tackled with a multidisciplinary and innovative approach from different sides, and this includes research. The institutions which make up the UAB Sphere include the necessary capacities to carry out successful projects in complex and strategic fields. In order to articulate these capacities, the Communities Oriented to Strategic Challenges have been launched.

The CORE are networks of research, generators of knowledge, formed by research centres and groups from the UAB Campus of International Excellence, as well as agents of the territory involved in solving strategic challenges (administrations, citizens, companies, etc.) These networks aim to be a driving force behind the UAB-CIE Sphere's potential in research and knowledge transfer (to industry and society in general), within a critical environment and as part of a leading European hub.

Its objectives are to create a stable research and innovation network to:

  • Give visibility to its members and position them at local and at international level. 
  • Contribute to the advance of knowledge, by identifying synergies and generating complementarities, through the incorporation of all of the system's key agents in order to overcome the challenges posed by specific areas of research.
  • Increase the competitiveness of its members, both individually and collectively.
  • Unite forces by coordinating actions and sharing resources and information with different sectors.

The CORE communities were created thanks to  the efforts of researchers and with the support of the Office of the Vice Rector for Research and of the Office of the Deputy Executive Administrator for Research, with the affiliation of its Strategic Development Unit.