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Safety and Security Tips


1. UAB

Campus UAB

The UAB security and emergencies telephone is +34 93 581 25 25. This number is available 24 h a day and 365 days a year.

If you have an accident on campus, you can go to the Healthcare Assistance Service, call security (+34 93 581 25 25) or go to the nearest Logistical Services and Information Point Office, and they will inform a First Aid Technical Team.

Public spaces

Regarding the public spaces of the Campus, we recommend you be careful with your personal belongings, for example when you use the library. It is also advisable to always have your ID card with you.

Vila Universitària

The Security Vila telephone number is: +34 93 581 73 13

Some of their recommendations are:

- Do not write under any circumstances the number of your apartment on your keys. - Make sure to close the windows and the door when you leave the apartment or when you go to sleep.

- Be careful with your personal objects and do not invite to the apartment people you do not know too well.

2. Barcelona

The emergency telephone is 112. This number is used all over Europe and it is for all emergency services: police, medical assistance and fire fighters. You can also download the free emergency app My112 for Android and IOS.

In general terms, it is always advisable to take an ID document with you. If you travel using public transport or are in a crowd, keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times.

It is also recommendable that you not sleep on the beach or in any other public space, especially if you carry items of value with you.