Academic Training

Second year of master's degrees or repeated courses

Second year of master's degrees or repeated courses

Second-year students and students who have failed any courses must obtain an enrolment number from the programme's website in mid-June. At the end of the period set by the centre for obtaining a number, it will allocate enrolment days and times by order of arrival and inform the applicants.

If you cannot be present to enrol, you may authorise another person to do so in your name. This person must bring an authorisation letter with the details of both persons and signed by both, and a photocopy of both persons' national identity document (DNI) or Tax Identification Number (NIF). 

In the attached document you will find the enrolment calendar for the School of Tourism and Hotel Management.


To reduce queuing, please print out and fill in all documents previously. If you have any queries about the enrolment, contact the Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) beforehand.

- Completed pre-enrolment form (download this from the website).
-Bank's direct debit form (only if payment is to be in two instalments).
- Receipt for grant applications that have been made, or the AGAUR financial credential.
- Where appropriate, the following are to be submitted:

• Family concession card: photocopy of the current family concession card detailing all members of the family unit.*

• Degree of disability of 33% or above: a certificate to this effect from the Institut Català d’Assistència i Serveis Socials or an equivalent Spanish Autonomous Community body.*

*the corresponding reduction will not be applied unless a photocopy of the current document is supplied.