Academic Training

Modifying or cancelling enrolment

Cancelling a pre-enrolment

The whole amount paid to pre-enrolment a place will only be refunded if the master's degree programme is cancelled, or if a clerical error attributable to the School has been made.

However, a refund will be considered in exceptional cases provided it is requested before the end of the period for enrolling on the programme.

Modifying or cancelling enrolment

Total cancellation
The request should be submitted to the Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management Offices). In general, requests to cancel enrolments are only accepted if they are received within 30 days after the enrolment, and if the person making the request provides suitable justification for not being able to follow the course normally.

The centre will retain 35% to cover general costs (delivery of documents, reserving a place, administration costs), if the cancellation is requested within the period established.

Outside of this period, if a refound is authorized, 35% of the total amount of the tuition plus the proportional part of the period coursed will be retained.

Total cancellation of enrolment is equivalent to having enrolled in terms of the year count established in the rules on continuation of studies.

Registration modification:

You may apply for a registration modification in order to change groups, cancelling and/or adding new subjects within the period established in the academic and administrative calendar.

To do so, you will have to pay the current fee set by the center, within the period assigned for these purposes in the academic calendar.

Modification periods:

-During the first period, you will be able to make modifications on first, second term and annual subjects.
-During the second period, you will only be able to request changes in second term subjects. Exceptionally, annual subjects’ modifications could be authorized.

Enrolment modification application


-If you need to modify your registration, you cannot have any payment defaults. Applications for a registration modification will not be accepted under any circumstances if the student has any overdue payment.
-In addition to the registration modification fee, you will have to pay the amount resulting from the increase in registered credits.
-The amount of the registration modification must be paid in a single payment.
You will not have to pay the established fee in the following cases:
- When the registration modifications are made in an exchange program, as long as you make them on the 6 weeks following your start in the other university.
- When the modifications are due to the registration calendar of your faculty or school (such as the final project, work placement, research projects, etc.).
- When the modification is due to new subjects offered by the University after the registration period.
- When the modifications are attributable to the University.

Bear in mind
- Once your registration modification or cancelation has been made, it will be included in your academic record and you will not be able to renounce to it.
- To cancel core or mandatory subjects you have not passed, you will need to cancel also the new subjects you have enrolled in.

Cancellation of the master's degree

The center reserves the right to exceptionally cancel the programme in the event that there is not a sufficient number of candidates to take it or for another justified reason.