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Master's pre-enrolment

Students wishing to enrol on official FUAB Formació master's degrees should first carry out the online pre-enrolment on the UAB website (click here). The pre-enrolment period for official master's degrees goes from mid-January to early October.

Before beginning your application, review the access requirements (which you will find on the UAB page), the documents you will need to scan, and the admissions calendar.

Remember that you will need to pay the applications fee by bank card.



1. To open the form you need a university ID number (NIU) and password. To obtain these: (see these INSTRUCTIONS).

  • If you are not a UAB student, input your ID details in order to sign up.
  • If you are at present a UAB student or have been one, you have a university ID number (NIU) and you remember your password, click here to apply
  • If you are at present a UAB student or have been one, but you do not remember your university ID number (NIU) and/or you do not remember your password, fill in your personal details again to recover these.

Once you have signed up, you can log into the pre-enrolment page: Log into the pre-enrolment application page

2. Select a master's degree.

3. Fill in your personal and academic details in the relevant sections.

4. Scan the necessary personal and academic documents and attach them to your application. The documents should be attached in pdf, jpg, or Word formats (4 MB maximum).

Scan the following required documents and attach them to your pre-enrolment application:

  • Academic transcript of university studies, including courses taken, ECTS credits. If you are in your last year and have not yet finished, you can submit a letter explaining when you would finish.
  • Personal Academic Certificate that the above transcript corresponds to. (This can be submitted to us later on if you do not have it yet.)
  • Curriculum vitae backed by supporting documents, which should mention: research experience, publications, employment experience, research stays abroad, and research grants (where applicable).
  • Statement of interest addressed to the master's coordinator.
  • Other documentation indicated on the master's degree web page.

5. Pay the applications fee using a credit or a debit card.

6. If you wish, you can download a document confirming your application for admission has been made.

Once the application is received, the student enters the selection process. The result of the application for admission is communicated by e-mail within a period of two to four weeks, in case of admission, the pre-enrollment fee to be paid will also be indicated.


  • We recommend you to complete your pre-enrolment as soon as possible, so as to facilitate the whole process of admission, visa arrangements and other practical matters related to your arrival and your stay at the UAB.
  • Remember that when finalising your enrolment you need to provide the originals of all scanned documents previously submitted.




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