UAB-approved research institutes

Studies and Research Institutes

Centre for Ambient intelligence and Accessibility of Catalonia (CAIAC)
Centre for Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy (CBATEG)
Centre for Biophysics Studies (CEB)
Centre for History of Science (CEHIC)
Centre for Human Rights Studies
Centre for Humanities Studies and Research (CERHum)
Centre for Prehistoric Archaelogical Heritage Studies (CEPAP)
Centre for Space Studies and Research (CEREs)
East Asian Studies and Research Centre - CERAO
Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Studies and Research
Centre for Studies and Psychoeducational Research on Hearing Impairment and Language Acquisition Disorders GISTAL
Centre for Studies of the Franco Era and Democracy (CEDID)
Centre for the Study of Organisations and Economic Decisions (CODE)
Food Technology Plant
Institute for Communications (InCom)
International and Intercultural Studies Institute
Law and Technology Institute (IDT)
Research Centre for Migration
Science and Mathematics Education Research Centre (CRECIM)
Sociological Studies on Daily Life and Work (QUIT)
Theoretical Linguistics Centre

UAB-partner Research Institute

Interuniversity institutes

Participant Research Centres

Partner CSIC institute